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Demand for prime London homes falls amid signs buyers are looking to cheaper
Demand for properties in some of London's most expensive boroughs has fallen over the past months as homebuyers shift their interest to commuter zones further out, a new study suggests. The London borough of Westminster, which is home to some of the …
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Top Finance Employees in London Expect Bonuses to Be 21% Bigger
LONDON — Despite recent curbs on bonus payments in Europe, senior employees of financial companies in London expect their bonuses for 2014 to be 21 percent higher than last year, according to the results of a survey by a recruiting firm released on …
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Is Christmas in London better than Christmas in New York?
If you want a Christmas movie to tug at your heartstrings, London is the place to set it. Since Dickens, the capital has been a perfect delivery system for schmaltzy, seasonal sentiment. We all know the heavy hitters: Love Actually, Bridget Jones Diary …