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How do sports bets work properly in the first place? Are there any differences between internet bets and those placed in the betting shop? What should you pay attention to and which variant is better? You will get detailed answers and help to all these questions in the following article.

A sports bet is a bet where money is staked on certain sporting events. Sports betting is offered in many sports, such as soccer or tennis. Such bets are made either in a betting or on the Internet (online betting shop). The value of sports bets is always represented by odds. These represent the probability calculated by the betting provider for the occurrence of a certain event (for example, that more than 3 goals will be scored during a soccer match) and at the same time serve to calculate the possible profit. A comparison of odds shows that favorites always have lower odds than supposed outsiders. The reason for this is that the probability of a victory for the favorite is logically significantly higher than that of a point win for the underdog. If you bet on the victory of the favorite, you can expect a much lower profit, but in return you have a much higher chance of being right.

Background information on sports betting

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How does sports betting work? This question is probably faced by most newcomers who want to get to grips with this increasingly popular hobby. In order to be able to begin with the betting itself, first some terminology must be clarified, which simply every sports bettor should know. Basically, there are three main points here, which we will now explain in more detail. Since soccer bets are undisputedly the most popular of all types of bets, we will also orient ourselves to the same in the explanation.

What kind of betting markets are there?

Just as important as the different types of bets are the available betting markets for placing a soccer bet. These specify the type of bet and determine the event required to win the betting slip. In addition to the classic 1X2, where 1 stands for “win home team”, X for “draw” and 2 for “win away team”, there are numerous other betting markets. With the double chance, for example, you can bet on two of the aforementioned match outcomes at the same time, the tip “Over/Under goals” refers to a certain number of goals in the match and a handicap gives supposed underdogs a fictitious advantage.

Which role do betting odds play?

How do sports bets work? Definitely only with the right betting odds! These are always a very crucial element. After all, odds specify what profits are possible with a certain tip and at the same time signal how high a bookmaker estimates the probability of a corresponding event occurring. Betting odds therefore determine the amount of profit – the following always applies profit = stake x odds. If a bookmaker gives odds of 2.0 for a certain bet, for example, the user knows that his winnings will amount to 20 euros with a stake of 10 euros. With a stake of 20 euros, it would still be a profit of 40 euros. In the case of combined bets, all other betting odds are also multiplied.

In practice: sports betting in the betting office in a practical test

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Almost everyone knows the most popular bookmakers.  Despite the Internet and numerous online bookmakers, local betting stores are in demand as never before. More and more bettors prefer the inviting venues with Sky subscriptions and other extras to their PCs at home. But how do sports bets in the betting shop actually work? In all well-equipped betting shops, there are now several ways in which bets can be placed.

By default, bets are placed using so-called betting slips, which are filled out manually with the help of betting programs and read by the cashier. In addition, most stores now offer betting machines that are very similar to the classic online service. Thanks to intuitive touchscreen interfaces and very simple, multilingual menu navigation, even newcomers can quickly get to grips with the machines. In case of questions or problems, the expert staff can always help or provide start-up assistance.