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“10 Top Tips for Successful Slot Machine Play!”, “The 13 Best Slot Strategies for Sure Winning” or “Top Slot Tricks Guaranteed to Win!” – The headlines about supposedly one hundred percent safe strategies as well as tips and tricks for winning slot machine rolls are in most cases a collection of more or less curious methods. Everyone who deals with slot machines, whether online or quite traditionally in land-based casinos, knows that there is no such thing as the one strategy that promises winnings in the millions. In earlier times it was quite possible to manipulate land-based mechanical machines. But aside from being a criminal offense, this is no longer conceivable in our computerized, high-tech world. Every real money casino uses a number of security measures that make tampering virtually impossible.

All machines, slots and casino games are now computer controlled and so any anomaly, no matter how small, is noticed immediately. The security mechanisms kick in and the game is suspended until it is completely cleared up. 

Slots are classified as gambling and so the outcome of a round is solely determined by chance, or more poetically, luck. Any good strategy must take this random factor into account. Even if some people claim otherwise, when taking a closer look at how slot machines work, it quickly becomes clear that a strategy that excludes chance cannot be effective. So, what is it about strategies to successfully play slots?

How a slot machine works

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Slot machines are based on the principle of chance. A random number generator (RNG) randomly generates series of numbers that determine the outcome of the game. Similar systems are also used, for example, to generate passwords or access codes. By determining the outcome of the game through the randomly generated numbers, one of the most important conditions for online gambling is fulfilled, namely that of fairness. A game is considered fair only if the outcome of each individual round is determined solely by chance.

Keeping this fact in mind, it also becomes clear why serious strategies for successful gambling must always involve the player and the gambling behavior.

Strategy #1: Know the Slot

The first strategy is to know the slot machine you are pushing your luck on. For this purpose, the free play mode is the best choice. Almost all good casinos offer the possibility to play slots for free. With many of them, you do not even have to open an account for this.

So, you can easily and carefree play a few rounds without the risk of financial loss. In addition, there is a payout table directly in the corresponding game, as well as information about bonus features, free spins and other special features.

Strategy #2: Use casino bonus

Meanwhile, most casinos offer a bonus for opening a new account. This can be used very well to familiarize yourself with the slot machines and spin the reels with bonus money.

The welcome bonus consists of either a bonus credit, free spins or a combination of both and is primarily intended for testing the games. If you want to earn winnings with it, which you can also withdraw, it is important to read the bonus conditions carefully. A withdrawal is only possible once the turnover requirements have been met.

Strategy #3: The thing with the RTP

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The RTP (Return to Player) or theoretical payout ratio is a percentage that indicates how much of the stakes made will actually be paid out again as winnings. However, the payout ratio is only valid in the long term and is not applicable to a single gaming session. So, you cannot assume that if you play a slot with an RTP of 97%, for example, you will automatically be paid a profit of 97 cents per euro wagered. Nevertheless, it is a suitable indicator of how well or poorly a slot pays out.

Strategy #4: Pay attention to volatility

Another important parameter in slot machines is volatility. This is an indication of a tendency of how often a machine pays out winnings, in relation to their amount. Volatility lies between the two poles of low and high. It means low – the machine pays out often, but rather smaller amountshigh – the slot pays out less often, but higher amounts.

If you want to bet only a little, it is best to play on machines with low volatility. If, on the other hand, you can put away longer dry spells without significant winnings, you can certainly choose slots with high volatility. After all, these pay out accordingly more, but you need patience – and the necessary budget.

Strategy #5: Maximum stake for a progressive jackpot

Jackpot slots are among the most popular slot machines. After all, they promise winnings in dizzying heights.  

Strategy #6: Set the game capital and time

Nothing is easier than losing track of money and time during an exciting gaming session. To minimize the probability of high losses, it is advisable to set a financial limit in advance. Many online casinos already offer the possibility to do this. The same applies to time. Keep an eye on the clock when you sit down at a slot machine! This is the best way to avoid unwanted nasty surprises in your account.

With the right strategy to win

The one best strategy for playing slots does not exist. Rather, it is a combination of different strategies that can lead to success. The most important prerequisite is definitely that you know the game on which you are risking your money. The demo mode of the respective slot machine is always suitable for this, but the welcome bonus is also a good way to try it out.

Important key figures to pay attention to with slot machines are the RTP and volatility. For progressive jackpot slots, there is also the tip to always play with maximum bet.

All of this, in conjunction with setting a play capital and the time you want to invest, are important points if you want to successfully spin the reels on slot machines!